Lifeguard Services

The Royal Life Saving Lifeguard Service is a service we provide to local government authorities, and facility owners & managers across Queensland and we are committed to providing a proactive and professional water safety service within the community.

We have the experience and capability of providing Lifeguard in the following environments:
Providing lifeguard services is a complex operation with specific industry standards. Royal Lifesaving has been the leader in the aquatic safety and lifeguard services industry for over 100 years and we set international standards through quality accredited training, highly skilled staff and stringent standard operating practices.

We have a long and proud history in lifeguard service provision and public safety.

Expertise: We incorporate strict operational procedures and controls including detailed management plans which meet agreed performance standards.
Risk reduction: Royal Lifesaving works to reduce risk in your facility. We are the industry expert in the well known Facility Safety Audit and these capabilities allow us to identify risk and reduce your risk profile.
Partnership: We work to become a partner in aquatic safety with you, from integration with your own stratagies, to regular meetings to review performance and plan improvements.
Value adding: We have experience in many types of facility's and locations including beaches, lagoons, private & public pools and other waters ways. We are not focussed on one environment (i.e. oceans) and have systems and procedures that can be adopted to suit the environment.
Value for money/cost: Being a not for profit allows us to provide our services without large overhead costs, which means we can provide a cost effective service.
Administration: We can reduce your administration burden by taking on the administration of agreed items relating to procurement, leasing, maintenance and staff management, including industrial relations issues.
Efficiency: We deliver seamless and effective cross service co-operation with all emergency services and community organisations in your region.

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