Royal Life Saving Sport

The Royal Life Saving Society has an established sport participation pathway that provides regular opportunities for lifesavers from community level to elite. The sport of pool life saving tests a lifesaver's skills in rescue, accident prevention and emergency care. A key event is the 'Simulated Emergency Response Competition' which pits a team of lifesavers against a staged emergency. Variations of this activity are used in all Royal Life Saving programs.

In Queensland, the Society conducts a number of Championships (competitions), including the:

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Who Can Compete

Any one can compete in any of the Society Life Saving competitions provided that they hold a current Bronze Medallion (some Junior championships do not require this qualification), and are either:

The Sport of Pool Life Saving

Pool Life Saving consists of a number of events, that test a life savers skills at rescue work. Common events include:

Life Saving Beach Sport

One of the Society's affiliated Clubs (Ithaca - Caloundra City Life Saving Club) hosts an annual Beach Carnival in Caloundra, just prior to Easter each year. The Carnival is aimed at Junior members, however the Club does also conduct some Senior and Masters Events. It is completed in a short course manner in a non-surf environment and includes events such as: The Beach Carnival is only open to members of an Affiliated Club. Please see the Society's Club Page in respect to joining a Club.

Australian Pool Life Saving Championships

The Australian Pool Life Saving Championships have been conducted in various forms since 1965. Originally held every two years, since 1987 they are now held annually and consist of 3 days of Pool Lifesaving competition with events combining an Under 14 and Senior (Under 16, Under 19, Open and Masters) Competition.

Representative teams are chosen yearly at the Australian Pool Life Saving Championships. These teams - called the 'Aussie Barra's' are named after the Barramundi fish - an aggressive fresh and saltwater fish found in Australian waters.

In addition to the Open Aussie Barras team; a Junior (Under 16) Aussie Barras team and Silver (Under 19) Aussie Barras Team are also selected to attend an annual Training Camp and various selected International Competitions throughout the year.

Life Saving World Championships - 'Rescue Series'

Every two years the International Life Saving Federation organises the Lifesaving World Championships, known as The Rescue Series. The World Championships involve between 2,500 and 5,000 Competitors and Officials and last some 14 days. Members of the Society (as an individual), or members of an affiliated Club, may compete at the Life Saving World Championship. Current and past World Life Saving Championships:

The World Championships include the following events:

Sports Committee

The Society manages its sport activities in Queensland, via a volunteer committee known as the Sport Committee (sometimes referred to as the Competition Committee), which comprises of the following people:
The Queensland Sports Committee is responsible for organising the sporting events. Members of the Sports Committee will also assist with organising Athletes, Coaches and Officials to be ready for events, and with the development of Athletes.