Royal Life Saving Programs

The Society proudly co-ordinates a number of programs, some of which are listed below. For further information on these programs, including resources available and how to implement the programs, please contact the Society program co-ordinator (refer to the Contact, or click here to enquire.

Love-2-Swim™ / Swim & Survive™ : Love 2 Swim is the re-branding of the highly successful Swim and Survive Program that the Royal Life Saving Society has successfully delivered as a Nationally Accredited Swimming and Water Safety Program. This program has been educating 5-14 year olds for over 20 years. Since 1982 it is estimated that over 10 million Australians have participated in the Swim and Survive program. It aims to reduce the number of drowning deaths by ensuring that children have a sound knowledge of safety when in, on and around the water, including skills in swimming, personal survival and basic rescue. Since programs like Swim and Survive were introduced, there has been a 75% reduction in drowning in the 5-14 years age group.

Bronze Medallion™ : The Bronze Medallion and Bronze Rescue strand teaches an understanding of the life saving principles embodied in the four components of water rescue education (judgement, knowledge, skills and fitness). The central component of the Bronze program is the Bronze Medallion which has been operating for over 100 years with many Australians undertaking the program since commencement. The Bronze Medallion is considered the pinnacle of life saving qualifications in the community. Life saving skills learnt and developed through the program are highly regarded in the community and may even lead to or enhance the chances of starting a career.

Keep Watch™ : Keep Watch is a public education program of the Society aimed at preventing drowning deaths of children under 5 years of age in all aquatic locations. There are 4 main actions of the Keep Watch program that parents and carers of children are encouraged to undertake to prevent children drowning.

Grey Medallion™ : The Grey Medallion is a water safety and lifesaving skills program for adults aimed at reducing the drowning rates and encouraging a healthy, independent and active lifestyle. The program endeavours to teach participants a range of personal survival techniques, provide them with skills to deal with an emergency situation, how to improve their supervision of children and to develop confidence and competence to enjoy aquatic exercise and other water-based activities safely.

Water Safety : Water Safety tips and resources for teachers, parents and children. Resources are provided for around the home, swimming pool, beach, rivers, lakes, farms, fishing and boating. The resource page also includes links to games and activities.

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Facts sheets contain key information about important water safety topics.

Junior Lifeguard™ : The Junior Lifeguard Program offers a unique aquatic alternative for those who love the water, who want to be challenged and who want more than just swimming lessons. The program provides opportunities for children to keep interested and active in aquatics, especially quick learners and those caught between levels and programs. The program is suitable to be run by Swimming Schools, Public and Private Swimming Pools, Clubs, Schools, or any youth group as a one-off, or ongoing acticity.

The Society provides coaching resources (coaching manual, lesson plans, etc) and children undertake the Love-2-Swim series of qualifications, with a pathway into pool life saving sport and competition.